Tai Chi – deep mind movement

Movement as a way to a deeper state of mind

deep mind – The deep mind (chinese: Xin) is a central aspect of the training. The chinese word Xin can mean heart, but it can also mean feeling, intention, center or mind. The mind includes awareness, intention and the intelligent processes required to connect those two. The word ‘deep’ refers in this context to processes in the inside rather than the outside world, and processes that we are mostly unconscious of in normal life. The first level of the deep mind manages internal body processes. 

movement – The correct execution of complex movements requires and supports the transition into deeper states of mind. In the deeper state, processes in the body, like muscle tension, stretching and pressure changes, can be perceived more directly and can be influenced very precisely. 

tai ji – The word Tai Ji (or Tai Chi) is very important in traditional chinese philosophy, especially in Daoism. Only since the 18th century, ‘tai ji’ is also used as a name for a so-called ‘inner’ martial art. The methods of tai ji can be interpreted as self defense technique, health exercise or concentration training. At its core, however, tai ji is a lifelong and multi-layered process of learning. The training is about consciously and intelligently changing our patterns of behavior. A feeling of safety, health and improved ability to relax and concentrate can be side effects of intense training.


A balanced class typically takes 90 min and consists of the following four parts. They mutually support each other and help us to connect our mind more deeply to our body and to more and more subtle processes.

During the class, detailed instructions concerning physical and mental aspects of the exercises are given. By practicing at least two times a week in a small group, we reach the necessary intensity for obtaining sustained change. More about the training.

Beginners Class

We practice every week, regardless of national holidays or school holidays, every:

  • Monday 19:45 – 21:15 Uhr
  • Thursday 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr

If you want to join the group, make sure you are able to come on both days. Before you join, please watch a class, so you can see exactly what we do and we can get to know each other.

Send me a message if you would like to know more or watch a class.

The cost for two trainings per week is 150 Fr per month. Reduction is possible. 

We practice in Zürich at Sihlmed Friedaustr 17, 3rd floor: 


Jannis Heilmann:

“Movement practice has been an essential part of my life since my childhood. The meditative aspect has become more and more important. Martial arts and dance gave me the most direct connection to my body. In the Tai Ji of Huang Xin Xian and Patrick Kelly, I have found the clarity and depth that I have searched for.  I have been studying with Patrick and his students for 8 years.“